Modified R3 Astromech Droid With a past



Modified R3 series droid.
Can extend sockets in arms and legs to become fully bipedal, Has a knife in a compartment in their body,
Blue sensor eye, Blue stripe body.
Integrated: Long Range Comm link, General Scanner, Comm Jammer.
Holds Emergency repair patch separately
Shortcut 2
Skilled Jockey
High G training 2
Uses an ion blaster.
Duty – Space Superiority
Loves to fly fast.

Ace Hotshot


During the Clone Wars Hira was a Commander battle droid fighting for the separatists commanding a wing of Droid fighters.
The wing was Known for its ruthlessness, often shooting ejecting pilots and unarmed transports to instill fear and shock into their enemies.
They were caught on the ground during a clone assault on their base and the entire wing was mind wiped and sent to various corners of the galaxy.
Hira was transplanted into a R3 series body and sealed away until he was released by a Rebel salvage squad. Unsure of his true identity he quickly proved himself worthy as a pilot and was detailed to keep an eye of an old alcoholic pilot…


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