Lumry Youda

Old Man, Alcoholic, Pilot



Rebel Pilot Officer. Ace
No teeth, Bald, Body Scars
Wields a Blaster Pistol and is Encased in modified Stormtrooper Armour.
Has Comm Link and Space Suit
Skilled Jockey 2
Galaxy Mapper
Master Pilot
Full Throttle
Improved Full Throttle
Force lvl 1 – Move power
Alias Splint Chesthair
Duty – Resource Aquisition

Is force sensitive but extensive use of alcohol clouds this.
Currently holds the Lightsaber of the Maverick (Green Blade, Kaiburr Crystal: +1 force rating, Superior Hilt, 8 Damage, engaged Range, 3HP, Breach, Sunder)
and Qui-Con Jin’s Holocron (Lore skill a class skill, has access to lightsaber skill, can pay 10xp for the Ataru techinicque talent)


Was a planetary defence force pilot during the clone wars
Left the force due to PTSD and alcoholism. Gets Flashbacks from Battle Droids.
Joined the Alliance against the Empire at the outset. Great piloting ability was marred by unreliable conduct due to the PTSD. relegated to escort duty and low priority details.
Was given the rogue modified R3 droid R3-D9 to keep an eye on him.

Lumry Youda

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